Life is too short to put dreams and wishes on the back burner.

Lost In Our Travels was launched in early 2013 as a place to document and share our travels with family and friends. Jo and I both love to travel this great country of ours, hike everywhere we stop, or just sit and admire the beauty all around us.

Jo and I met in 2011, she was (still is) a talented VP of Compliance training in the banking industry. I was (and still) a Vendor Manager for an IT Company. We’re both looking forward to the day we can live and work 100% remotely, and we’re almost there.

I’ve camped since my days in Boy Scouts, moved on to bigger tents, Pop-Up trailers, full sized travel Trailers and now a Class A Diesel Pusher. I got bitten by the RV bug when I was a teenager and as a family, we rented a 28ft Dodge Motorhome, and drove across country for 5 weeks. Boston to San Diego and just about everywhere in between icluding parts of canada. Oh yeah, the family was my parents and my 10 brothers and sisters. Yup, 13 of us in an RV that slept 8. what an advernture THAT was!!

Jo is also a hiker and a “birder” and thinks nothing of SnowShoe hiking in subzero weather. What a team!!

In early 2014, after months and months of research, we found the perfect future home. A big beautiful 40ft Itasca and set a goal to travel in her as much as we could until we could move in full time.

Life is too short to put dreams and wishes on the back burner.
Please join us in our adventures and misadventures. We’ve done lots of FUN stuff, and DUMB stuff, but life isn’t perfect, and neither is RV’ing. Don’t we enjoy both though?

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