North Conway NH – JUL 2014

July 4th weekend we headed back up north to the White Mountains of NH.  This time we stayed at Eastern Slopes CG. Sadly we were not impressed. It is old, poorly maintained, and a ton of riff raff for the weekend. They stuck  (more like jammed) us in a site designed for a vehicle about 6 ft shorter. We won’t be staying there again.  It was a really nice bike ride to the outlet area and downtown shopping areas. The weather was ‘ok’ during the day but a real nasty thunder storm came in late at night. High winds and the like. It was fun to watch out of the RV windows, but we pitied those in tents.

We left early the next morning and headed over to Cranmore Mountain. We had called them earlier and they allowed for boondocking in their parking lot.  We had a light lunch in their Cafe (small payback for allowing us to stay overnight free).

That afternoon jumped on the bikes and headed towards the Black Cap trail to do some hiking as the weather was wonderful.  About halfway up we saw another trailhead and decided to head up this trail instead.  About a mile up into the trail, Jo and I were surprised by two rather large black bears. Apparently we had interrupted their afternoon nap, or were intruding in on their feeding area.  Either way, we made LOUD notices and quickly backed away. Our first encounter with bears!!  Fortunately Jo knew how to manage a situation like that, so we got out in one piece.  OK ! Hiking now done for the day!

Back to the RV, had early dinner, packed it up and drove home.

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