Myrtle Beach SC – JUL 2014

It was now time for our first real big trip in the RV with all four of us. With the rig all packed the night before, the fridge cold, all tanks filled, bikes mounted, and ready to go, we headed out at 5am.

Pretty much an uneventful ride on the trip down I 95 to Lakewood Camping Resort in sunny Myrtle Beach SC. What a really nice resort, we can’t say anything negative about it. over 2,000 sites, right ON THE BEACH. it’s located on the southern end of “The Grand Strand’. We ate at our first Waffle House, and the boys had their first hot Krispy Kreme. The can now spot the Hot Light at KK from a mile away.  We went go-karting, beach, played mini golf, beach, ate, beach, flew kites, beach, kayaking and… beach. Pretty much how the week went. All had a fantastic time, the rig performed beautifully. My brother from Atlanta spend a few days with us also, which we all truly enjoyed.

One evening a tremendous thunder and lightening storm appeared in the distance. With the clear sky and flat terrain, Jo and I climbed the roof with some blankets and for the next hour watched the storm move across the horizon giving us an amazing light show.

A great vacation had now come to end, and it was time to head home.  Same ritual as leaving, we pack the night before so that we just need to unplug electrical and head out at 5am.  First stop is to top off the full tank, grab an extra large coffee and settle in for the drive.  Having a Verizon MiFi is wonderful, never once did we drop a connection during all the travel. The kids amused themselves playing online games on their laptops, and Jo was able to get some work done. Several hours in, Jo and I swapped driving, and I go in the back a take a nap.

As we approached Luray Caverns in VA, we decided to make an afternoon stop. Heck this is what the thrill of having an RV is all about!!  As we pulled off the highway ramp, and came to a full stop at the intersection, the engine stalled. After a few times trying to restart, it finally caught and we moved about 15 feet then stalled again. What the hell?? I took over driving from Jo at this point as she was uncomfortable in this situation, and we drive / stall / drive / stall for about 800 ft until I could safely pull off to the side of the road.  Well this road had a HUGE crown and dipped wicked as I pulled to the right. So much so that the top of the rig leaned to the right about 2 feet and I clipped a telephone pole, broke the right side mirror and pushed the awning cover almost all the way off. Damn It!

After a call to CoachNet (they were awesome!) we determined that the best thing to do was tow us to nearby campground until Monday morning as no one to take a look at our right over the weekend.  Endless Caverns CG was really nice. Easy pull thru sites, clean laundry , and a really nice pool.  We also took the opportunity to take in a tour of the Endless Caverns (right on the campgrounds). It was really cool.

Monday arrives and we are ready to call the Tow company again to be to brought to the nearby Freightliner facility, but the rig STARTS!!  What the heck?  Seems to be running OK, no engine lights, no warnings, so we very cautiously head out to Freightliner and wait the better part of the day until they can take us in.  They dumped the codes from the system and see that it is potentially a fuel problem and suggests to spin off the filters and take a look. Lo and behold.. we smell GAS in the filter.  How did gas get in the diesel fuel tank? I had just filled it that morning.. wait.. what did I put in it?? Oh No! 50 gallons of GAS??? Heavens no please!! Not me.

After calling the Hess station that I filled up at, and they checked my transaction, apparently before I had my first coffee, at 5am, I used the GREEN HESS NOZZLE where all the truck fill up, and put $200 with of gas into the tank. WHO uses green nozzles for GAS.. Hess does!!

Well Freightliner has to drain AND DISPOSE of the dirty full, replace all the filters, and I have to refill the tanks.  Well this error turned out to be an expensive lesson about paying attention to fuel pumps.  You can bet this won’t happen again.  The story ends well, we make the rest of the trip hope perfectly, the rig ran just great, no damage (thank God!!)  For the next several tank fills I use a ‘lubricity additive” to repair any potential harm to the internal components.

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