Colonial Williamsburg 2015

We arrived in Williamsburg early afternoon April 30th. Parked in Cracker Barrel, took the Jeep to Colonial Williamsburg. It was a rainy day, but we dressed accordingly.

Since it was early season, the lines were minimal, and we saw all the buildings and tours we wanted to in 1/2 day.

That evening we headed back to Cracker Barrel for dinner, then some local outlet shopping.

Next day was a full day of driving so we went to bed early and left very early in the morning.
Stopped just outside Baltimore MD to visit one of my son’s for the afternoon. We took a fast ride in his SRT Jeep, had a relaxing lunch and then got to see the amazing job he and his wife are doing remodeling their house.

From here we headed home. Drove until Danbury CT, overnight at a rest stop, then home.

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