Lake George RV Park, NY

This year, our summer vacation was Lake George NY. A short 500 mile round trip destination in a WONDERFUL RV Resort. Lake George RV resort was and is a highly rated resort. With many activities, movie theaters, bike trails, pools, Rec halls, ice cream, and on and on. So many great amenaties it provided us a very enjoyable vacation destination.
On the trip to NY, we stopped at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, or VINS, in Quiche VT. An amazing rehab center for birds. Here we visited many exhibits, did an easy nature walk, and best of all, we watched live raptor demonstrations.
We saw so many Raptors… Barred Owls, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, and our favorite – Peregrine Falcons!! It’s a wonderful place that performs a much needed service.

Lake George NY is a great vacation with kids and adults. It has so many surrounding area activities. We hiked Prospect Mountain for a spectacular view of the town and Lake George.

Jo and I kayaked on the lake while the boys rented paddle boards.

The next day we had an awesome time at Lake George Six Flags! Rides, GoKarts, Skeeball, Fried Dough, and they have a really great water park too!

It was difficult to say goodbye to an awesome time in at Lake George, but we had to head home.

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