Mt. Cranmore + Black Cap Mtn – N Conway NH

Mt. Cranmore + Black Cap Mtn.

It is now early October and we wanted to get in one more great hike before we had to put the RV into storage. Jo and I decided a weekend in North Conway was inline. So on Friday evening OCT 3rd, we packed the RV and headed north.
Jo and I have hiked a few trails in the North Conway area, but this time we wanted to do Black Cap. The last time we were here, we had THE BEAR ENCOUNTER. Yep, we’re going on a different trail this time LOL.

So we called the folks at Mt Canmore and asked permission to stay in the overload parking lot overnight. As usual, received permission.

The Cranmore Resort had begun their Halloween Fright Night preparations so the lots had several worker’s cars. We found a spot way in the back and settled in for the night.

Early the next morning we headed up Cranmore Mtn which connects to a Black Cap trail to the peak. Black Cap is purported to have great view. It’s a first service road for most of the way up the Canmore, with all the plumbing for the snow making guns.

Once you arrive at the peak of Cranmore, it’s a short 2 mile trail to Black Cap.

As it was another clear day for hiking, we had really great views from the top. We had clear view of downtown N Conway below.

A break for lunch, and chatting with fellow hikers, then back down.

We both liked this hike a lot, a good workout overall, but the trip down was really tough on the knees. Both Jo and I were exhausted by the time we reached bottom. Our GPS devices told us it was a 9.5 mile round trip. No wonder we were tired and sore.

We slept REALLY well that evening. The next day we unhooked the bikes and went into downtown N Conway for brunch, and an ice cream.

By Mid afternoon we were on the road home.

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