Mt Hale + Sugarloaf(s) – Twin Mtns NH

This past weekend May 28th & 29th, we headed back up to the White Mountains area for some hiking. We stayed at the Tarry Hoe Campground in the Twin Mountain region. Nice small CG with Pool (didn’t use) 50a service, firewood, etc . Very small store with only a few items for camping.  Pleasant staff though.  Across the street is a food truck that is GREAT!, The 302 Grill.. great menu, family owned and everyone works there. Fair prices and was absolutely yummy burgers. Check them out. You can just cross the street from the campground.


SAT morning, we packed for an all day hike and headed for the trailhead for Hale Mt. (4054 ft).  84˚F , clear sky, perfect day for a hike.  We hiked via the Hal Brook Trail, which out and back is approx 4 miles.




Nice well marked trail, waterfalls, and panoramic views make this a really nice 1/2 day hike. the trail is rated as moderate, which we think is about right.. can be steep in some areas.



      MtHaleJo2      MtHaleFlowers



MtHaleWaterfall    MtHale MikeJo    Mthalejo4


Really great hike. Got back to the RV, had dinner at the 302Grill and went to bed early to get a good nights sleep for another hike the next day.


On Sunday we headed off to hike the Sugarloafs – Middle (2539 ft) and North (2310 ft) via the Sugarloaf trail.  again a beautiful day for a hike.


Middle and north sugarloaf


This trail takes you up to the center between the two peaks, and left for middle Sugarloaf, or right to North Sugarloaf.  Over all to do both and return is about a 4 mile moderate hike.  Waterfalls and  fantastic views at the peak of the Presidentials !!  The trails has some huge granite slabs moved millions of years ago from the glaciers.  Here we saw a tree blown over by the wind, and because everything sits on granite, the surface and root systems are so thin, it blew the whole root system over along with the tree.  



Sugarloaf1    SugarloafTree    SugarloafCrack



SugarloafView1    SugarloafMikeJo


Off to North Sugarloaf


 SugarloafRockyPath    SugarloafStair    SugarloafJoPeak


SugarloafJoStream    SugarloafStream


After 2 days of some good hiking, we deserved some Ice Cream. Took us a while to find a place up in this region, but we found one !!


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