GSM – Grotto Falls

Our first hike we chose Grotto Falls.  It is easy to moderate hike of approximately 3 miles round trip.  The highest elevation is close to 3800 feet with the falls just shy of that. Given that this was mid June and the area had recently received much rainfall, we were surrounded by green!  Well worth the trip up as the  falls were wonderful. Given that this is the only 25ft falls in the Smokies, this was a great photo opportunity.

GrottoWaterfall1 HDR1

GrottoWaterfall2b HDR


After the hike back, we showered and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening walking the Gatlinburg Tourist  Strip. Great for people watching and killing time.  We always wanted to eat at a Bubba Gump Shrimp, so we decided to have dinner there.  It’s a fun experience with decent food.

Tomorrow is going to be a good long and tough hike. We’re in early for a  night’s rest.


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